At Community Network, we believe in the power of speech.
As a telephone-conference call provider specialising in the not-for-profit sector, we have over twenty-years experience of helping charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency through a range of sector-specific services, including:

Free access to UK-based operators
Pay-as-you-go billing, with no registration or monthly subscription charges
Reduced rates for calls involving beneficaries or service-users
Unlike other telephone-conference call providers, we are a registered charity. The challenges presented by age, disability, or illness can often create feelings of isolation and loneliness. Utilising our expertise in telephone-conference calling, we facilitate telephone befriending and support groups that offer a lifeline for people who may otherwise have no social interaction or emotional assistance at times of difficulty or crisis.

Our work has helped many of the most vulnerable individuals in society find help and comfort through the simplest of things – a voice at the end of a telephone line. Using Community Network as your telephone-conference call provider will not only ensure that your organisation delivers its commitments as effectively as possible, but that the innovative work we do continues to touch lives across the United Kingdom.